Legendary singer, song writer Roy Orbison left his mark of genius on rock and roll that will never be duplicated. His near flawless operatic voice and songs that would build to climatic endings would bring to the 60′s music scene performances that had never been heard or scene before.

Terry Harris brings back those glory days of the big “O” with his “Blue Angel – A Roy Orbison Tribute”. Terry didn’t take lightly the task of impersonating Roy, but he has had a connection with Roy since he got his first guitar at the age of 12. His long and sincere admiration for the man and his music has existed since his early childhood. Terry was fortunate to see Roy perform in Baltimore in 1988. He has an intimate knowledge of not only Roy’s songs, but the way he delivered them.

Terry’s commitment to fine tune his tribute to mirror the image of the great Roy Orbison is a constant with every performance. There will never be another Roy Orbison, but with close attention to the look, the sound and the music, from the first notes of “Only the lonely”, you will think “suddenly” it’s 1960 again. “Blue Angel – A Roy Orbison Tribute” is a complete self contained show. Featuring the vocals and accomplished guitar playing of Terry Harris as Roy Orbison and the use of professional backing tracks and equipment, Terry can put on a show at your next event that you and we might say Roy would be proud of.

royorbison“Terry’s Thoughts”

Roy Orbison wasn’t a mover and a shaker on stage. He rarely spoke to his audience, instead he stood solidly in place with an unstated presence and sang  his songs sometimes powerfully or sometimes like the voice of an angel. The people came just to hear him sing and it was just that simple. Roy was  asked once how he would like to be remembered, he responded “I would just like to be remembered”. Roy don’t worry, the world will never forget you.